4 Things to Consider when Buying a Wood Router

Looking for a good quality Wood Router for yourself? Not sure where to start from? With the help of this article, you would know exactly what to look out for. We cover all the major points that you need to check when buying a wood router for yourself.

Once you take a look at these important points, you can be sure that you will buy the best possible wood router for yourself!

1. Router Size

One of the most important things to consider when buying a wood router is the size of the router. You will find wood routers in plenty of sizes and you have to determine what size will be suitable for your home or workshop. Do you have a router table? If the answer is no, then a large router is out of the option. read more


Photo Family Tree Chart Raised To The Level of Art!

Hi- My name is John Groberg.  I can relate to what you’re trying to do.  A few years ago I decided I wanted to make a really nice photo family tree for my family.  I figured you can find anything on the web these days, so I went searching.  I searched for family tree templates, family tree charts, photo family trees, custom family trees, family tree art, personalized family trees and anything else I could think of. I visited lots of sites- but nothing I found went beyond pretty basic looking family tree charts.  I was looking for something stunning, for something truly artistic, for a photo family tree I could print on a canvas and frame and hang in my home.  As it turned out, there just wasn’t anything like that out there. Photo Family Tree The good news for you is that now there is!  When I realized there was nothing to help me, I decided to create my own beautiful custom photo family tree artpiece just for my family.  When it was finished and others saw it, I soon realized that I had something here that many other families around the world would love too.  I felt compelled to create a way for them to have what I now had and loved. This website is the result of that decision to share this with families all over the world. You can now go way beyond making a family tree chart and create a true custom photo family tree art piece that is guaranteed to become an instant family heirloom you and your family members will treasure for life!  If you are looking for a truly unique, impact and meaningful gift to give a family member (or yourself) for a special anniversary, birthday or event- Genealogy can make you a gift-giving hero! Click on the video below to discover how we can help you create one of the most amazing and meaningful gifts you’ve ever created- and one you and your family members will cherish for life. Often family history work only makes it as far as the computer hard drive or at best the bookshelf.  Geneartogy helps you take that final step of bringing it right onto your wall where you can see it and cherish it every day- and so can all your family members and visitors.  From there the connectedness between your ancestors and your living family becomes strengthened as family members can see the faces of their ancestors and how they are all related.

The Ultimate Buyer’s Guide: Shower Heads

Are you trying to rebuild your bathroom? Looking for a good shower head for your bathroom? While a lot of people might think that buying a shower head is simple and easy, it is really not the truth.

There are different types of shower heads available in the market which have their own pros and cons which is why it is important to consider all the factors and features of a shower head before you invest in one.

With the help of this guide, you will be able to differentiate between a good shower head and a bad shower head and will be able to make the right choice for your bathroom. However, if you’re looking for specific products, I’d recommend you read more indepth shower head reviews before you pick one. read more


Picture Gallery

Welcome To Picture Gallery


About Us

Geneartogy was created by John Groberg.  John wanted to bring to the world something that he originally created for his own family.   After searching in vain on the internet for a service that would create beautiful family tree artwork- not just printable charts, he decided it had to be created from scratch.   He spent many hours developing his own family’s custom family tree art and was very pleased with the final product.  But he was equally motivated to figure out how to make it available to others through an online service that could reach people all over the world who would love to have their own custom family art.  That turned out to be an even bigger undertaking, but the result was this website.   If you’re reading this, you’ve found it and we hope you’ll soon enjoy the same satisfaction of having your own custom family tree art hanging in your home. read more


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Q:   Does it cost anything to register or use this site?

A:   No.   There is no registration fee, no monthly membership fee.   This is a custom product sales site.   We charge for three things only.   1- The finished product, 2- Photo editing services (if you choose to have us do your photo editing) and 3- Framing (if you choose to have us do your framing).   Of course you can do your own photo editing and have your framing done elsewhere, then you would pay only for the product cost.

Q: Do I have to have all my names dates and photos before I begin?

A: No.   Start with what you have- even if it’s just a few names and no photos.   Add more as you go.    It costs nothing to start a project and all you information is saved for you in your account.   There is no time limit from when you start to when you finish.

Q:   Do you do genealogy research for me?   Do you help me find my names, dates and photos?

A:   No.   Geneartogy is not a genealogy research site or service.   There are already plenty of those available online.   We have a single purpose- and that is to help you take your family history information and photos and create beautiful artwork out of them.   That final custom artwork will then hang in your home to be seen every day instead of being put in a book or file rarely if ever to be seen again.    We do provide a list of useful resources to help you find the information you’ll need.  Please see our Resources page for recommended resources including online genealogy search tools, online photo editing services, and even professional genealogists that will do all the research and collection for you.

Q:   If I order multiple copies of my custom project, do I have to pay for photo editing multiple times?

A:   No.   Once the photos are edited and approved by you- you have them to use at your disposal.   If you order multiple copies, you pay only once for the photo editing, and then you pay for the product separately.

Q:   What if I just can’t find a few photos- will my project have a blank spot?

A:    It’s actually quite common to be missing a few photos- especially getting back 4 generations.   We provide male and female “silhouettes” that will blend well color wise with the rest of the project and can be used as replacements for missing photos.   We also provide 3×4 templates which means 3 generations of photos and 4 generations of names/dates.  For some this will be the best option- eliminating the need to find 16 photos of the 4th generation and cutting down the total number of photos from 30 to 14 while still keeping the same great look.

Q:   Once I choose a template, a size, finishing options and font, what if I change my mind?

A:   When you create a new project, you choose your initial choices for template, size, finishing options and font, but all of these can be changed later under “Edit My Family Tree”.    You can go back and forth choosing different templates and fonts and preview them to see which you like best. When you’ve made your final choices, you click “Approve and Purchase” and only then are your choices locked in.

Q:   What if I have a name that is too long to fit in the name frame?

A:   We limit the number of characters allowed per name to 25.   That is large enough to work for most names.   Anything larger than 25 will not fit within the name frames of our templates.   You may need to drop middle names, or use abbreviations.   For example the name “Lafayette Hinckley Holbrook” is actually 27 characters (spaces count too).   In this case we recommend using “Lafayette H. Holbrook”.   The input screen for each person will not allow you to enter names that are longer than 25 characters.

Q:   Can I move around names and dates within a name frame to get a better balance/fit?

A:   No.   One of the most complex parts of this site is doing the placement of names and dates in different font choices and in different templates.   We’ve gone to great lengths to program the site to provide a good quality outcome and work well for whatever font and theme you select from the available options.   However, there may be some minor differences in how text gets centered and spaced depending upon the font you select, how many capital letters are used (capital letters take up more space) and the template you select and the length of the name in each frame.   We encourage you to strive for an overall nice look, not for perfection.   Try different font options once you’ve input your names/dates to see which font looks best with your specific names/dates.

Q:  I have several people on the tree that are still alive, but will probably die in the next few years.  How can I add their death years to my finished project?

A:  The best way to add a death year to an already printed project is to use a common scrapbooking technique called “Rub On Transfer”.  On our resources page you can download a PDF file that has the years from 2009 to 2025 printed in the different fonts we offer and in multiple point sizes from small to large.  Download the PDF of the font you choose for your project.  Then purchase online or at scrapbooking/craft stores a sheet of 8 1/2 x 11 “Rub On Transfer Paper”.  Just google the term “rub on transfer paper” and you’ll find multiple options for purchasing the paper.  Most will come in a package of 4 – 10 sheets for just a few dollars.  Make sure you are getting transfer paper that transfers with pressure only- not iron-on transfer paper that requires heat + pressure.  Once you have the paper, then print your font page on the paper using your inkjet or laser printer.  All our fonts print in black so it should match your printers black fairly well.  Then find the year you need in the font size that best matches the spot you are wanting to add.  Place that part directly on the canvas surface rub the year directly onto the canvas using a table knife or any other hard surface and your done!  The shelf life of rub on transfer paper is only about 6 months- so rather than us sending you the sheet already with your order, it is best to wait until you actually need it and buy it online at that point and print it and transfer it onto your family tree.

Q:   Can multiple family members work on the same project together?

A:   Yes.   Each project is created by a single user account, but that account ID and password can be shared among family members so that multiple family members can work on the same project- just not at the same exact time as only one can be logged in to that account at a time.   But you can coordinate with family members and divide up the collection and uploading of your custom inputs so long as you share the same ID and password.

Q:   Do I have to use the same computer to do my project once I start it?

A:   No.   All the information you upload is saved on our servers and accessible to you from any internet enabled computer.   You can log in and work on your project 24/7 and from anywhere you get internet.

Q:   Do I have to use your photo editing services?

A:   No.   You can do the photo editing yourself and only upload pictures when they meet your satisfaction.   If you choose to not use our photo editing services, we recommend that you follow our Photo Preparation Guidelines.   Just remember that “what you see is what you get” in the final printed product.   We do recommend that you use our built-in photo editing and approval process to get your photos to match well and look like they all belong in a single piece of art together. 

Q:  If I use your photo editing services why do I need to pay for photo editing before paying for my final product?

A:    Because the photo editing process is labor intensive and the labor needs to be paid for doing their job whether you decide to purchase a final product in the end or not.   You are basically hiring us to do your photo editing for you- but there is no obligation to purchase product of framing beyond that.

Q:   What if I’m not satisfied with the photo editing you provide?

A:   Our photo editing comes in two versions- standard photo retouching and photo restoration.   Standard photo retouching is a basic set of processes we do with each photo to make them look like they all belong together in a single piece of artwork.   There is a built-in approval process to our site that allows you to submit any or all of your photos for retouch work and then to either approve or discard the work done and provide comments if discarding for further fixing.   In most cases, your edited photos should be fine in the first round and you can approve them and they will replace the photos you uploaded in your project.   We can accommodate some limited discard and redo requests within our standard pricing, but due to the labor intensive nature of photo editing, there is a limit to how much time we can spend on your photos based on the price you’ve paid.   Our aim is to satisfy you with the quality of your retouched photos, and we will strive to do that within the time budget we have for what you’ve paid.   Perfectionist types may need to either learn to be satisfied with “good enough” or will be asked to pay more if they are demanding too much labor for the amount they have paid.    Please remember that each person’s image will be displayed on the final product in a size no more than a few inches tall by a few inches wide (depending upon your final product size you choose).   So the goal is for the photos to look like they belong together, not to achieve perfection.    Also, due to the varying densities, colorations and qualities of the original photos you provide us, there is only so much we can do to make them work well together.   We also offer a more advanced photo restoration service for particularly old or poor quality photos to digitally restore them to look newer and better quality.

Q:   Do I have to use your framing choices?

A:   No.   We offer three different framing choices- all of which have been selected to match well with all of our template color themes.   The three frames we provide are at three different price and quality points- so you can go basic, mid, or premium.    However, for those wanting to match existing framing of other artwork in their homes, or who don’t like any of the three frames we provide, you are free to do your own framing.   Just order your product “Ready to Frame” and it will come ready to pop into any pre-made or custom made frame.

Q:   I want to order multiple copies of my project and ship them to different family members at different locations.   Can I do this?

A:   Yes.   Each one can be shipped to a different location.   Just specify all the locations during the checkout process.

Q:   Do you ship internationally?

A:   We are based in the United States.   Our pricing includes free shipping by ground to the continental USA and Canada.   For air shipment to other countries, we recommend that you purchase your product “Unstretched”   which means it will be sent to you by air in a tube of rolled canvas.   You can then take it to any framing shop near you and have it stretched and framed as you like.   There will be additional shipping costs for international shipments.   We can ship stretched and framed product by air to international locations, but the shipping costs can get quite expensive which is why we recommend unstretched for shipments outside the continental USA or Canada.

Q:   Do you matt or cover with glass or plexi-glass?

A:   No.   Our products are printed directly onto art canvas using giclee printing technology.   Canvas is meant to be framed directly without any matting or glass or plexi-glass covering.

Q: What is your return policy?

A:   Due to the custom nature of our products, we do not accept returns and exchanges.   Before purchasing a product, you must digitally “sign off” that all names and dates are correct and that “what you see is what you get”.    If there is a manufacturing flaw (as opposed to a content flaw) please contact us and we will replace the product that is flawed.

Q:   I have a website or newsletter and would like to offer Geneartogy to others.   Can I make money doing this?

A:   Yes.   We have an affiliate program that you can sign up for.   Once approved, you can download links and banners that can be used in your website or newsletter.   Anyone who clicks through to our site via your efforts, will automatically be tracked as your referral and when they purchase a product, you get paid a generous commission.   For details please click on the Affiliate link available on the bottom footer area of every page of our site.

Q: How can I contact the company if I have other questions that aren’t answered here?

A: The best way to contact us so that we have a written record of your contact is through the Contact Us page on our website.  We will generally be able to respond to you within 24 business hours.  Our physical address is 2216 E. Nora St., Mesa, AZ 85213 and you can call customer service at 480-586-0234.


Privacy Policy

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Acquisition or Changes in Ownership read more



The following are resources that you may find helpful in helping you gather and accomplish the things you’ll need to make your geneartogy project.

Gathering Your Family Names, Dates and Photos

The first place to start is in your own family.   Many families have someone who is the family genealogist- probably not professionally, but as a hobby.   See what information you already have and enter that into your project, and then start working on the missing pieces.   Call relatives and start networking within your own relations.   You’ll be surprised at what you can find just by asking enough people.

The next place to go is the internet.   There are many sites available that allow you to do research online- most are free to use or very inexpensive to join.   Often with just some basic information like a name, a birth date and birth place, you can track down a wealth of information on your own family lines.   Many of these sites allow you to communicate and connect with others who are searching for family history.   In many cases you’ll find that all the information you’ll need is already out there on the internet- ready for you to use at little to no cost.

Some sites to try:


This is a free site offered to the public by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  You don’t have to be a member of the church to use the site and it doesn’t only contain names of church members.  The Church is recognized worldwide by genealogists as one of the most comprehensive resources for doing genealogical research.

Ancestry.com- Free Trial US Deluxe Membership 

Ancestry.com is one of the best run genealogy sites on the internet.  They provide access to billions of records and provide many other value added services.  There are a lot of things you can do for free on ancestry.com, but some of the services do require a membership which is inexpensive and worth it.  Will also allow you to communicate online with other people around the world who may have information specifically about the persons you are searching for.

If you are still coming up short, your next step is to hire a professional genealogist.   Professional genealogists are experienced and trained professionals at researching family history.   They do this for a living and can often save you lots of time over doing it yourself.   Costs vary and will be quoted directly by the professional after understanding the scope of work you want them to do.   We recommend starting with one of the best groups of professionals we know of- who have direct access to the world’s largest genealogical library in Salt Lake City, UT.

Hire the best professional genealogists to do your research for you!

Scanning/Digitizing/Editing Photos

Most desktop scanners are more than sufficient for what is needed to create your own geneartogy tree.   We recommend scanning at 300 DPI and cropping to be just head and shoulders of the person.

However if you want to have all you old photos professionally scanned and stored digitally to preserve them, there are services that do just this and do a great job.  These services are especially appropriate if you have a large number of photos you want to scan and digitize.  Geneartogy only needs the head/shoulders shots of the individuals that will be part of your tree, but often you’ll come across many other photos- group photos, childhood photos, photos of other relatives that you don’t necessarily need for your geneartogy project, but would like to preserve anyway.  If that is the case we recommend using a professional service.   Our recommendation is:

ScanCafe, the scanning service used by pro photographers and Pulitzer Prize winners. It’s available to you from just 24 cents an image.

You can also try a similar service:

Many of your photos will require some photo editing to optimize them for use in your geneartogy project.  We provide an optional photo editing service built right into the site that does all the photo editing for you- which is a time intensive process and requires some fairly advanced digital photo editing skills to do well.   We highly recommend using our service to give you the best looking end result- but our service is not required.

For the Do-It-Yourself types that have a good working knowledge of tools like Photoshop, please follow our Photo Preparation Guidelines (see Pricing Page).   There are other online photo editing tools that are often free and easier to use than Photoshop. You’ll have to have your photo’s already scanned and in digital format to use any of these tools.   Here are some of our recommendations:




We offer your project in several finish levels.

1-       Unstretched.    You’ll receive it as a rolled canvas which you can then take and stretch and frame to your liking.

2-       Ready to Frame.   Pre-stretched and ready to place in your own frame.   We deliberately created our sizes so that they would work with standard pre-made frame sizes which can be found at art and framing stores.

3-       Ready to Hang.   Pre-stretched on wider boards, with the edges painted black and hanging wire installed so that you can hang it directly from the box- no frame required.   Some people like this simplified look.

4-       Framed.   We offer three choices of framing- at three price points.   All are wood framing and all have been specifically chosen to work well with our template colors.   We think you’ll find our framing priced very competitively compared to your local framing shop.   If you can find the right pre-made frame that you like, you’ll probably save money doing it that way- but often people want nicer framing for such a nice family heirloom piece as this.

You can always go to your local framing shop and get a quote for the frame you like by giving them the size of the canvas you order from us.   Compare that quote with what we offer and also with custom framers online.



If you have a website, blog, or eNewsletter whose audience you think would be interested in Geneartogy and you’d like to earn money by promoting Geneartogy to your audience, we’d love to have you participate in our affiliate program.

There is no cost to join and you make a commission on sales generated from your promotional efforts.  Our affiliate program is managed by ShareASale- a trusted 3rd party affiliate network- so you can feel assured that all commissions you earn will be paid accurately and timely. read more