If you are here, that means you are looking for the advertising opportunities to promote your brand or product. We at Geneartogy accept sponsorships home and kitchen blogs. If your brand falls into that category we are more than happy to promote your brand in a creative way so that your brand recognition can reach next level.

Why advertise with us?

As we have already mentioned our condition for advertising on this site, if you fit that category you can select any on the package mentioned below.

  • Banner: You can promote your brand via old school ways and get a fixed size space to promote your brand.
  • Sponsored Post: If you want to promote your website using the sponsored post, we accept your draft article.
  • Partnership Opportunities: If you want to get associated with us for the long term¬†you can sponsor a series of post that falls into the particular category.

How to Advertise with us:

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