Hi- My name is John Groberg.  I can relate to what you’re trying to do.  A few years ago I decided I wanted to make a really nice photo family tree for my family.  I figured you can find anything on the web these days, so I went searching.  I searched for family tree templates, family tree charts, photo family trees, custom family trees, family tree art, personalized family trees and anything else I could think of.
I visited lots of sites- but nothing I found went beyond pretty basic looking family tree charts.  I was looking for something stunning, for something truly artistic, for a photo family tree I could print on a canvas and frame and hang in my home.  As it turned out, there just wasn’t anything like that out there.
Photo Family Tree
The good news for you is that now there is!  When I realized there was nothing to help me, I decided to create my own beautiful custom photo family tree artpiece just for my family.  When it was finished and others saw it, I soon realized that I had something here that many other families around the world would love too.  I felt compelled to create a way for them to have what I now had and loved.
This website is the result of that decision to share this with families all over the world. You can now go way beyond making a family tree chart and create a true custom photo family tree art piece that is guaranteed to become an instant family heirloom you and your family members will treasure for life!  If you are looking for a truly unique, impact and meaningful gift to give a family member (or yourself) for a special anniversary, birthday or event- Genealogy can make you a gift-giving hero!
Click on the video below to discover how we can help you create one of the most amazing and meaningful gifts you’ve ever created- and one you and your family members will cherish for life.
Often family history work only makes it as far as the computer hard drive or at best the bookshelf.  Geneartogy helps you take that final step of bringing it right onto your wall where you can see it and cherish it every day- and so can all your family members and visitors.  From there the connectedness between your ancestors and your living family becomes strengthened as family members can see the faces of their ancestors and how they are all related.