Deposit $99

Photo Editing Services (Optional but Recommended)

Service Price per photo
Photo Retouch $ 4
Photo Retouch + Background Removal $ 6
Photo Restortion $ 10

Product Cost

Size Dimensions Unstretched Ready to Frame Ready to Hang Artplak
Small- Artplak 15 X 18 NA NA NA $ 178
Small 16 X 20 $ 168 $ 188 $ 208 $ 198
Standard 20 X 24 $ 198 $ 218 $ 238 $ 228
Large 24 X 30 $ 258 $ 288 $ 308 $ 298
X-Large 30 x 36 $ 328 $ 388 $ 408 $ 398

Framing (Optional)

Frame Style View Sample View Sample View Sample
Frame Grade Basic Grade Mid Grade Premium Grade
Size Before Framing
16X20 20X24 24X30 30X36
16X20 20X24 24X30 30X36
16X20 20X24 24X30 30X36
Size After Framing
21X25 25X29 29X35 35X41
21X25 25X29 29X35 35X41
22X27 27X31 31X37 37X43
Frame Price
$ 78 $ 98 $ 108 $ 138
$ 108 $ 138 $ 158 $ 188
$ 208 $ 258 $ 298 $ 358

Packing & Shipping

Shipping Cost

Small Standard Large X-Large
24X30 30X36
$25 $30




More Pricing Explanation

Photo Retouching Services

Photo Retouch Service ($4.00/photo) includes:

1-Proper Sizing/Cropping and Resolution for the best fit in photo frames.
2-Sepia Color Correction- converts all photos to a common sepia tone that will make the photos look like they all belong together. Due to differing densities of each photo, there will still be some variation, but they will look much better together than otherwise.
3- Lighting Balance (Brightness/Contrast) for the best look.
Photo Retouch + Background Replacement ($6.00/photo) includes:
1-Everything from Photo Retouch (above) plus
2-Background is professionally removed from around person and replaced with a standard solid light background.  Recommended for the best overall look of the final product.
Photo Restoration ($10.00/photo) includes:
1- Everything above plus
2- More detailed blemish removal, blending, and other photoshop tools to help make damaged or difficult photos look as good as they can.
If you order multiple copies of the same project, the photo editing service fees only apply to the first copy, not any additional copies.

If you choose not to have us retouch your photos, you can do the work yourself using photo editing software like Photoshop. View our Photo Preparation Guidelines if choosing to do it yourself.  Also look in our Help Center for a Tutorial on editing your photos.

Finishing Options


sample unstretched










Shipped to you on a rolled canvas. You can then take to your favorite frame shop and have it stretched and framed to your liking. For international shipments, this is the recommended standard due to very expensive air shipping costs for larger stretched and framed.For stretched or framed shipments outside the USA and Canada, please contact us for a custom quote for shipping costs.

sample ready to frame










Comes stretched to on 1-inch stretch boards to chosen canvas size and ready for you to frame yourself or take into a local frame shop. You can also order custom frames online or in some cases purchase pre-made frames in art supply stores.

sample ready to hang
Canvas is stretched on wider 1 1/2 inch stretch boards and the edges are painted. Intended to be hung without a frame.  Sometimes this style is referred to as Museum Wrap or Gallery Wrap.
4- Artplak Mounting
sample artplak
Printed on watercolor art paper and then mounted to an attractive beveled edged wood plaque.  Comes ready to hang with no additional framing required.
sample premium frame
You choose from our framing options. We professionally frame it for you and ship it to you ready to hang on your wall with no additional work, cost or effort involved on your part.  See pricing table above for more detail.
Shipping is a flat rate for UPS ground shipping within the continental U.S.- either $15/$20/$25/$30 depending on the size you order.  For shipping to other countries or to Alaska, Hawaii or Puerto Rico, we recommend that you purchase your product “unstretched” which means it will come to you as a rolled canvas, shipped in a tube and then you can have it stretched and framed locally.  Shipping costs to non-continental USA and Canadian locations will be done by air and will cost extra.