Name Viki
Sur Name Bailey
Description Every time we walk past the beautiful GENEARTOGY hanging on the wall we are reminded of how wonderful it is to be part of a family. My children love learning about who their ancestors were. I recommend this artwork to everyone. What a treasure!

Name Elizabeth
Sur Name Owens
Description I love my Geneartogy and have received many compliments on its uniqueness and beauty. It is a daily reminder of where I’ve come from, why I’m here, and where I’m going – – a living testimony that we are all connected. It truly is a work of art that never ends.

Name Jennie
Sur Name Blaser
Description My family loves to look at all the pictures of our ancestors and see who they look the most like. It is a fun conversation piece for our own kids, as well as for guests. Plus, it is a wonderful piece of art that I am proud to display in our front room.

Name Sue
Sur Name Squire
Description There is a special peace and gratitude in my home and in my heart whenever I look at our geneartogy. Seeing my heritage and knowing how we all fit in a family is a comforting and beautiful thing. Being able to share those same feelings with my children and with others who come and ask about it is a treasure, as is the work of art itself.

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